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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
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Why Estate and Auction Services?

100 years ago, families stayed in the same area and heirlooms (priceless or not) were handed down through generations. Daily use housewares and linens along with special pieces of art, jewelry, and furniture found purpose and life in the next recipients. Items were repurposed and reused.
Fast forward to modern day America. Families are mobile and connected via the internet. Many generations left rural America to pursue travel, studies, and careers in new places. Homes are now small apartments rather than the multi-generational family farms.
Around the world, questions about what to do with the material leftovers of a life are becoming as much a part of the mourning process as the funeral. There’s so much, and the children all live somewhere else. Who’s to clean it out? *
The family wants the reassurance that the items will be used, that there is purpose in what’s left behind. There IS purpose and usefulness in the material possessions of a lifetime. There IS value to others.

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